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  • How much does it cost to become a member?
    We have many membership options available. To see the full list please visit our partner site, Team Unify:
  • Do I have to live in the neighborhood to become a member? + Norwood resident perks.
    No! We have members from all over from Capitol Hill to Renton. Everyone is welcome to join! However, if you do happen to be a Norwood resident, you do have the following perks. 1. Returning member rate for new memberships 2. 3 free guest passes for all residents 3. Senior / 65+ residents able to bring up to 5 guests, for free, when they use one of their guest passes 4. Member rates for lessons
  • Is the pool open year round?
    Unfortunately the Pacific Northwest weather makes it difficult for pools to stay open to the public year round. We typically open in the second week of May and close around mid September.
  • Can I bring friends as my guests?
    You bet! There is a $8.50 guest fee every time you check in a guest. Guests will need to sign the accident waiver form each time they visit. Children under the age of two are free. Minors (under 18) should bring a completed accident waiver form signed by their parent or guardian: You must be present at the pool with your guest while they are enjoying the pool. Guests are welcome a maximum of 5 visits per season, after 5 visits we encourage them to become full fledged members. There is a limit of 6 guests per visit. Any additional guests would require a private party.
  • Do I have to be a member to sign up for swim lessons?
    Yes. Non-members can sign up for group lessons. Private lessons are only available to members. To sign up for lessons visit:
  • Do you have BBQ's that I can use?
    We have lots of them! We also have a refrigerator for members to use while they are at the pool. So bring everything you need for dinner and dine pool side. Weekends at Norwood often turn into a giant potluck so feel free to bring a little extra to offer and make some friends while you're feeding the family.
  • Do you sell any food or drinks?
    We do! We offer a limited selection of non-alcoholic beverages and snacks but our biggest hit is our novelty ice cream. Want to see a happy kid? Give them an ice cream sandwich made out of two cookies. We are a cash free store, so please pay with credit card or your card on file. Thank you!
  • Do I have to be a member to sign up my child for Swim Team?
    Yes you do. For more information please visit our dedicated swim team page:
  • What are the rules of the pool?
  • What age can my child start lessons?
    At the moment we prefer that children be at least three years old before starting lessons. If you think your child is ready for lessons but is less than three years old please contact our Pool Manager to discuss your situation.
  • When do lessons start?
    We start booking appointments as early as opening day! Please follow the link to book online and you will be provided with calendar dates that are available to you.
  • What time are lessons?
    Typically Group lesson time will be for 30 mins either starting at 11:00 am or 11:30 am but can vary based on based on current number of children who are in need of lessons. Private lessons can be scheduled with individual teachers around your needs.
  • Can adults sign up for lessons?
    Absolutely! Please contact the Pool Manager to discuss your needs to make sure we find the right teacher for you.
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